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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 13, 2009 5:00pm-5:59pm EST

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closer to home, we also saw some pretty dramatic waves. in ocean city today, the highways continue to roll into shore, giving it a beating from mother nature. we are live tonight with extensive first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are tracking the storm now. but we begin now with jessica kartalija and more on the storms there. >> reporter: we are getting dumped on as we speak. rain pouring down here. we are on the bay side. and the waves have been coming up, along the pier. all afternoon, the boats are hitting the side of the pier. a whole bunch of trash also being carried up onto the shore. we have been talking about some of the damage here in ocean city that the residents are going to have to clean up. this is exactly what we're talking about. not to mention the roads. tonight, city officials are urging everyone to stay off of the roads, if at all possible. >> reporter: continuous rainfall and above-average waves continue to pound the shore.
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this, while wind gusts reach up to 60 miles per hour. ocean city is a mess. >> we were surprised. we were watching at the beach earlier this morning. and there was one of the buoys floating by. one of the aides to navigation. i wonder where that went. >> a flood watch still in effect, as low-lying areas turn to pools of giant water. the most significant damage that we could find in ocean city is on the bay side, flooded roads make it impossible to get it to some locations, like this hotel, right on the water. >> i'll tell you what. i've lived here for over 20 years. and i've never seen the water this high on any of the side streets. it's amazing to me to see that a lot of people are going to suffer damage from this one. >> reporter: the main concern continues to be the roads, as drivers are rerouted around water-logged areas. >> forecasters were right on
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the mark. we've had the water issues throughout the last couple of days that we expected with the tides. but no damage to report per se in town. no injuries. people have survived it. people stayed inside, as we asked them to do. and by the end of the day, we expect conditions to improve. and we'll start getting back to normal. >> reporter: okay. and right now, it is high tide here in ocean city. and that means there is each gig -- even bigger concern that the waves coming in n from the shore are going to flood into the roads and continue bringing more and more water to that area, where the water is currently just sitting. so we took a drive earlier today. many cars have stalled out. they are stuck in that water. and we've seen several drivers come in and try to bail them out. looks like they're just going to have to wait them out at this point. that is why emergency officials do not go out unless absolutely have to, it is just not safe. for now, we're live. i'm jessica kartalija. back to you on tv hill.
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>> our live coverage continues with bob turk in the first warning weather center. >> i believe the center is still south of the ocean city area. take a look at radar. you can see a spin. right there, the spin. that means the waves, the winds are still bringing that water on shore. the bulk of the rain, however, is well to the north. you can see across connecticut, rhode island. getting rain in cape cod as well. we've had a few sprinkles. not much in the way of rain. for the rest of the evening, maybe very light rain going on. primarily, we are done with the rain and the winds will continue for a while. but they are beginning to die down. take a look at the current winds now around the region. we're down to 14. ocean city, down to 23. these are the sustained winds to our west, very light winds. really no factor at all. but the wind gusts here at 22. still 43, the last report coming in from ocean city. there's still gale-forced winds and that's still pounding the beach with the waves. tim williams joins me now with
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a look at the continued advisories. and some are updated phone numbers. >> reporter: there are still advisories in effect. winds are still triving, may be -- driving, many of them. bringing a lot of the water onto the shore. so we do have flood concerns. flood advisories in effect for the upper portions of the bay. flood and coastal flood warnings in effect. all until 7:00 in the evening. that's when we expect to see some improvement, area wide with the storm. as far as rain totals, we have been talking about that as well. pretty impressive in st. mary's county. more than 7 inches of rain down in great mills. leonard town and hollywood. all down in st. mary's county. 6 inches of rain in leonardtown. and nearly 6 in hollywood. bwi marshall, only 1.64 inches of rain. we will not see much improvement until tomorrow afternoon. remember, wjz is always on.
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stay with eyewitness news for complete coverage of first warning weather. for constant updates on the forecast and live radar at any time, log onto gift cards and boyfriends. very interesting testimony in mayor dixon's felony theft trial today. wjz is live with complete coverage. mike hellgren is taking a closer look at a key witness in the case. but first, mary bubala to explain today's testimony focused on best buy gift cards and her current boyfriend. hi, mary. >> well, lots of evidence was shown to the jury today, including that infamous x box that prosecutors say mayor dixon bought with best buy gift cards that were meant for the needy. >> reporter: mayor sheila dixon is on trial, accused of stealing gift cards intended for the needy. gift cards her defense team says she knowingly used on herself, her friends, staff, and family, because dixon didn't know they were supposed to be for baltimore's poor.
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many came from mayor dixon's former boyfriend, ronald lipscomb, a prominent developer. he cut a deal with the city and is expected to testify against her. this morning, his driver, rendell finney took the stand. he said he purchased $4,000 in gift cards over a two-year period for the needy on behalf of his boss, ron lipscomb. the prosecutors showed finney's phone records that showed five phone calls with then city council president sheila dixon. jurors heard from a best buy employee, who confirmed that dixon used 10 of those gift cards to buy an x box need for speed bundle for $399. the assistant state prosecutor asked, do you know who purchased that item? rachel lynch answered, the name on that is sheila dixon.
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jur ours -- jurors later saw the x box seized from her home in 2008. the mayor's current boyfriend also took the stand. prosecutors say that anthony used a grocery gift card for giant. he said he did not remember using it. but in cross-examination, he offered the jurors their first testimony on mayor dixon, saying she is a very dedicated mother. he said i seldom see her because she is very committed to this city and her children. >> reporter: are you happy to say that she was a good mom? >> yes. >> was it good to have testimony from her current testimony about her dedication to the city? >> well, it will be for the jury to evaluate. >> reporter: and the jury has gone home for the night and the weekend. they will be back here monday morning. the trial resumes at 9:00 a.m. back to you, kai. >> mary, thank you.
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mary but bal areporting live. -- bubala reporting live. our coverage continues with ron lipscomb's part in the case. >> i was up there with the media coverage. and probably the most famous x- box 360 in maryland. but because mr. lipscomb has been such a key figure in this case, tonight, we decided to take a closer look at him. >> reporter: for the prosecution, this case is all about mayor dixon. >> i don't mind saying that. >> reporter: but for the defense, it's all about her boyfriend -- ex-boyfriend, ron lipscomb. deeply involved in the development of harbor east. his personal assistant, randle finney, who prosecutors say bought some of those gift cards. >> reporter: dixon, has been dogged by allegations since
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before her last. >> every hurdle i've been through makes me stronger spiritually and mentally. >> reporter: through the defense, they relentlessly pursued lipscomb. and he agreed to testify to avoid jail. he paid over the legal limit benefiting city council woman helen holton. >> if you look at the case against the mayor, he doesn't add to it. he bought some gift cards. that's pretty much it. >> reporter: the mayor's defense claims those gift cards were given to woo her romantically. some she believed from lipscomb, arrived in an unmarked envelope from city hall. perhaps not the most romantic gesture. >> reporter: and u.s. representative elijah cummings tells wjz that he was not going to testify. he was one of the names on the list of potential witnesses. he has said he is not going to
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testify for the prosecution or the defense and has not been contacted. reporting live, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> stay with wjz for complete coverage of the trial. mary bubala and a team of reporters will follow every aspect of this case. family pleaded for him to turn himself in. federal, state, and local police searched for him. and this morning, the man wanted in the brutal killing of a teen, is found outside a convenience store. as mike schuh explains, police say daunte parrish has confessed to killing jason madison. >> reporter: in his occupant's home, the last moments of jason madis madison's life was filled with horror. >> this 15-year-old boy was sex sexually assaulted, sodomized and brutally murdered. >> i could hear him screaming and everything. >> what did you think when you heard that? >> i knew he was calling for help. so i went to get my mother. and then it stopped. >> reporter: jason was bound, gagged, cut by a bloody box
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cutter found on the floor. immediately, the family suspects this man. dante parrish. he took my baby. >> jason was gay. and that attracted unwanted attention from parrish. you asked him if you could have sex with him once. he told you no. you kept stalking him. >> he was stalking jason, making comments about what he wanted to do with him. and jason was not agreeable. so he came into my house. >> we did not know he was that kind of person to do that to my cousin. >> reporter: this morning, with blood still on hiseth clothes -- his clothes, dancee -- dante is led into homicide. >> we were able to take him into custody. >> i always had that bad vibe around him. i told him i did not want him around my baby. >> yes, the suspect confessed. >> he needs to be brought to justice to pay for what he done to my cousin. >> reporter: mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news.
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>> in all, dante parrish faces 10 charges. he's already served 10 years for second-degree murder. he was released this past january. days after his father's execution, the son of john allen muhammad is speaking out. denise is in the newsroom with more. denise? >> reporter: well, kai, the adult son of d.c. sniper john allen muhammad says he does not want to be remembered for the crimes of his father. he said, i am the son of the d.c. sniper, but not him. i am my own man and make my own decisions. muhammad was put to death for killing dean myers at a gas station during a shooting spree that left 10 people dead. muhammad's 27-year-old son said he was with his father the day of the execution, but they did not talk about the killings. >> muhammad's family is planning a funeral tuesday in baton rouge, louisiana. still ahead. man behind the massacre.
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today, we learned new details about major nidal malik hasan's condition following the deadly shooting at fort hood. wjz has the 911 calls that reveal a desperate plea for help to stop an erratic joy ride that may have killed a johns hopkins junior. that story is next on wjz eyewitness news. changing education in the state. why it comes with a price tag and a special tour. i'm gigi barnett. coming up in tonight's eyewitness news school watch report. who visited maryland schools. and here's another live look at ocean city, where a coastal flood advisory is in effect. you're looking at rain right there. i know it's hard to see. we'll have another live report and your updated first warning weather coming up with bob.
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it's a crash that infureated the johns hopkins community. one of their students was killed in a hit-and-run. wjz is live on the campus of johns hopkins university, where weijia jiang has this story. >> reporter: the 911 stapes paint a chilling picture of a truck that may have ended a life. witnesses say they taunted for several hours, despite multiple attempts attempts to get help. a series of 911 calls revealed thomas meighan led police on a drive that spun out of control on a ride that killed 21-year-old miriam frankl, a junior at johns hopkins university. witnesses say this was this truck, meighan's truck, that struck her.
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>> i saw it heading north. he has been down here around highlandtown. >> mick says he was that caller. >> i watched him jump out of his truck and urinate, right there by patterson park. he appeared to be looking for something around here. because he keeps flying all around here. but i've lost him. >> reporter: moments later, a dispatcher made contact with police. >> a guy is intoxicated. >> how old is the call? >> three minute, maybe four minutes. >> police ended up closing that call. and now the department is investigating why. >> we have to figure out who that was dispatched out to and if there is any type of improoperate, that will be -- impropriety. it will be sent to internal afears.
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-- affairs. >> charging documents say meighan's truck hit a woman. she flew up into the air. the state says at this time there is not enough evidence to charge meighan for frankl's death. >> that's because even though they have enough evidence to place meighan's truck at the scene, they do not have an eyewitness or video that physically places him behind the wheel at the time of the impact. we're live at the scene at johns hopkins university tonight. weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> meighan is being held without bail for the october incident and for a separate hit- and-run that happened in july. if you're waiting for somebody to get home from work tonight, let's check on the roads with sharon gibala. still slow going, sharon? >> it is. and we have a bunch of accidents that could slow you down as well. one of those accidents just coming in on 95. past 895 on the shoulder with a backup behind that. watch for another one. that one in the clearing stages. but the delays are still evident. two more in reisterstown.
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three in the city on west mulberry at north smallwood. and west franklin at north grant. one more in brooklyn at tenth avenue. 95 northbound, slow from 32 to 100. that's where we had that earlier accident. seven minutes there, with an average speed of 32 miles an hour. there's a look at your speeds on the beltway, as well as 95 and your drive times. everything looking pretty good. the slowest spot now on the west side. 39 miles per hour. with a 16-minute drive time. there's a live look at that delay at willkens. there's a look at the delay there. there is one. this traffic report is brought to you by carpet 1. carpet 1 is having a year-end sale. with free financing up to three years on the largest selection of flooring. please call 1-800-carpet 1 for the showing nearest you. changing education in maryland may come with a price tag. and a visit from former house
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speaker nute newt gingrich. and al sharpton. gigi barnett explains how they plan to improve public schools. >> reporter: this performance by students at kip ujima academy isn't for teachers or principals only. it's for an audience of three. secretary of education, arnie duncan. rev rand al sharpton and newt gingrich. they toured city cools today. schoolstoday. the nation's no-child left behind act is up for reauthorization next year. and changes to it are bound to come. in front of a full court press, the three machine asked students about the changes they would like to see. >> teachers that really -- you can't just give your students a textbook and say, he and put your head down on the desk and go to sleep. or start typing e-mails.
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>> reporter: but finding and keeping highly qualified teachers or any changes to the school system comes with a price tag. and duncan plans to spend. thanks to the dollars, his department has nearly $4.5 billion for grants. >> what we want to do is invest in a competitive basis in those states, those districts, those nonprofits and those universities that can do two things. that can dramatically close the achievement gap and raise the bar for all children. state superintendent dr. nancy grasmick says maryland has to apply. >> we have it turn around underperforming -- underperforming schools. i think it will be a prerequisite for getting that grant. >> reporter: and another thing they would like to see is reforming the state's charter law, which would give charter schools more say over how those schools are run. kai, back to you. the three men are on a
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three-city tour. their next stop hasn't yet been determined. they picked kind of an ugly day to be here. >> not so beautiful. we've had a little rain here at the beach. it's still very, very nasty. right now, we're at 55. let's take a look down the beach. coastal storm, still caution problems down in ocean city. this is a live look down there. we'll have a complete forecast and our live report
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ocean city is still taking a pounding this hour. jedzica is down to the boardwalk. actually, sally, it's difficult to see. that's just how big these waves are here. we are, believe it or not, on the bay side here. but earlier, the ocean waves were crashing unbelievably high. we're talking about seven feet. but most of the damage here. where that water is creeping up on the streets. i'll get to that in a minute. but for the latest on the current conditions, i'll send it in to bob turk. bob? let's take a look at
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temperatures first. then we'll get to those advisories that are still in effect. 56 in ocean city. and winds still continue. we're at 55 degrees. ocean city now, the winds 23 out of the east, northeast, still pushing the wind from the atlantic ocean. yesterday, they got up to 52 at the beach. 22 here. very light winds out to the west. not a major factor too far west. but because of the flooding issues, still have warnings, coastal flood warnings. all of these through tomorrow evening, until things begin to calm down on the southern bay as well. from the baltimore area west, no advisories or watches in effect. the low pressure that was ida, kind of reformed into a nor'easter, with that true tropical characteristics. but a nor'easter, still sitting off the carolina coast. you've got to see that spin right there. the bulk of the moisture, however, has moved well north of the center.
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now it's over portions of southern new england. and our part of the world, actually a dry slot coming in with clearing down there. not too far from clearing skies. a little rain in the carolinas. we've had a few little spokes of light rain and drizzle. but things will be improvementing -- improving a lot by tomorrow afternoon. if you can get through the next 12 to 24 hours, things will be getting much nicer. kicks the storm out. warmer and dry conditions. saturday night, maybe a little moonlight. sunday should be basically, a sunny, much warmer day. believe it or not, might even get up to 70. small craft advisory continues through tomorrow. bay temp around 56. tonight, a little rain from time to time. light sprinkles here and there. 47. then tomorrow, upper 50s, maybe 60, as things begin to calm down. probably a little clearing late in the day. could see a little sun and much warmer with sunshine everywhere expected on sunday. so there is some hope here. >> of course there is.
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thanks, bob. still to come. transferring prisoners. several inmates at guantanamo bay are being relocated to face trial. i'm alex alex demetrick. coming up. four people at a bus stop narrowly
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it is 5:31. 55 degrees and cloudy in baltimore. good evening, everybody. thank you for staying with eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about.
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at this hour, parts of maryland remain under a coastal flood advisory. huge waves rolled into ocean city, along with very high winds. the area saw extreme flooding, which continues this hour. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams is tracking it all on live doppler radar. but first, let's go back to jessica kartalija, live in ocean city. jess? >> reporter: all right, sally. we are still hanging on here. our photographer, randy rohrbaugh just asked me if i wanted some sandbags for my feet to hold me down. that's how heavy the wind gusts are. they're up to 60 miles an hour. over here at the bay, you can see the waves coming right up here on top of the pier. they're bringing all kinds of debris with it. they're splashing us in the process. meanwhile, this has been much of the same, up and down the east coast. for more, we go to terrell brown in new jersey. >> look at those waves. did you ever ride waves that big before? >> reporter: this isn't the
5:33 pm
first time glen canard has taken his granddaughter to the beach. but abigail has never seen anything like this. >> look how much sand is being blown away. >> reporter: canard lives 10 miles away and couldn't help his curiosity. >> i'm glad i'm not in it, i guess. yeah, it's pretty rough. >> reporter: it's part of a deadly storm pounding the east coast. residents in sea bright have two things to worry about. one, the waves coming from the ocean. but it's also water from the bay. if storm surge gets too high, the water from this bay will flood the streets of this town. >> reporter: in west wildwood, remnants from ida sent floodwaters too fast. >> the national guard spent the morning moving worried homeowners to higher ground. after eight inches of rain in norfolk, virginia has seen some of the worst flooding from this storm. flood warnings are still in effect for the western part of the river. the danville surged more than 7 feet above flood stage. just off virginia beach, crews
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are trying to get a handle on a huge barge, loaded with chemicals. >> they're getting curious. we decided to come down and take a look at the barge for ourselves. it's pretty crazy. >> reporter: with high tide moving in, the canards decided to leave after taking a look. >> no more skim boards today, huh? >> no. >> no way. >> reporter: residents here know the worst may still be on the way. terrell brown, cbs news, sea bright, new jersey. >> you know, and really to make things worse out here, all of this water has just been churning and churning, over and over. so the water is just this brown, murky color. and some of the debris coming up here onto the pier, almost too disgusting to describe on television. i don't even want to get into it. because it is just terrible. and you feel so badly for the residents that are going to have to be picking up the pieces and cleaning this off of the roads. but meanwhile, we are going to stay on this story. we'll bring you more as soon as it becomes available to us.
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for now, we're going to tough it out here in the weather. back to you on tv hill. >> thanks for not describing it if it's that bad. our coverage continues with tim williams, who is tracking all of the watches and warnings. >> there are so 59 residual effects from this storm. it sat here for the better part of 3 and a half days. and now it will start to see some improvement now. there are bands of rain moving in from york, countiy, pennsylvania -- county pennsylvania. to laray. that is what we're dealing with as far as the rain. the winds are creating the watches and warnings. wind just pushing ashore. waters into the shore. also just bottling it up into the bay. so the upper portion of the bay, still seeing flood advisories in effect until 7:00 tomorrow, currently. they could be lifted before then, if things just start to ease. but as far as the waves offshore, jessica has been describing this water pretty graphically. offshore waves through tomorrow, reported 20-feet high plus. that is through tomorrow.
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but again, well offshore. jessica has been identifying waving as high as 20 feet. 12 to 20-feet high waves again. this storm is just very, very powerful. we'll continue to monitor it. it is still moving away. we'll have more coming up. >> stay with wjz for complete first warning weather coverage. wjz is always on. for the updated forecast and watches and warnings, go to people literally ran for their lives in east baltimore, as an out-of-control suv jumps through the curb and smashes through a bus stop. it ended with ambulance rides for some. >> reporter: baltimore city medics had their hands full, treating and transporting four people, after this suv went careening down the sidewalk in east fayette. before it stopped, it smashed through an enclosed bus stop. >> just before 10:00, an suv was traveling westbound at the intersection of highland avenue, ran onto the sidewalk and a bus shelter, where four
5:37 pm
people were standing, waiting for a bus. they scrambled, trying to get away from being struck. and suffered minor and nonlife- threatening injuries. >> mostly scrapes and cuts. but they were still taken to the hospital to be checked out. when it happened, they only had seconds to save themselves. >> i was coming down the street. and i heard it. and i seen the car just keep going, boom, boom, boom. i heard no slide, no nothing. just boom. just happened so fast. >> reporter: it's not clear if the weather played a factor in this accident. that's part of the investigation. >> reporter: city police brought in their investigation unit, which will focus on the suv's driver, for answers. >> the driver was pretty shaken up by what happened. he didn't suffer any injuries and actually refused medical treatment in transportation on the scene. >> reporter: ending a turn on the sidewalk, may also bring speed into the investigation. >> if you can take a bus stop down, he was going pretty fast. pretty fast. >> reporter: but that's still to be determined. what's known for sure is that it was a lucky escape on friday
5:38 pm
the 13th. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> a block of east fayette street closed to traffic while investigators did their work. and has since reopened. new information tonight about what led police to arrest a man charged with killing a yale graduate student, annie leigh. vic is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: the just released arrest warrant showed that he first raised suspicion. his involvement. police say the animal research technician was scrubbing what looked to be clean floors. he also hid a box of bloody wipes from detectives. and a green ink pen was found under annie leigh's body and it had clark's dna on it. >> raymond clark's attorney says his client will plead not guilty to the murder charge. for the first time, we're hearing details about the condition of the man charged in the fort hood shooting spree.
5:39 pm
an attorney for nidal malik hasan says his client may be paralyzed from the waist down. he was shot multiple times. yesterday, hasan was charged for 13 counts of premeditated murder. state and school leaders are scrambling to get millions of dollars from maryland schools. a preview between tomorrow's game. and coverage of the season opener for the baltimore blast. for all of these stories and a whole lot more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. kai, we're in not in kansas anymore. and neither is the wizard of oz. dorothy and her munchkins have finally made their way over the rainbow. >> reporter: somewhere over the rainbow ♪ way up high ♪
5:40 pm
>> there's a land that i heard of once in a lullaby ♪ >> reporter: kathy ocanka has traded in her ruby hightops for ruby slippers to head up one big production of the wizard of oz. >> we have some huge sets. lavish costumes. it's really great. because we have a ton of pyrotechnics working with it. we have snow falling. poppies dancing. it's really a huge spectacular. >> what -- what puts the a in apricot. what have they got that i ain't got? >> jesse is a cowardly lion. >> he's a coward. but he's a little silly, i feel. he just tries tries to deal with his cowardice with a little humor. a little bit of fun. just to laugh themselves through life, otherwise, i don't think he'd be able to deal with it. ♪ [ music ] ♪ you're off to see the wizard ♪ >> this opens tonight.
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for tickets call 410-547-feet. looks cute. >> courage. >> love him. >> i love that movie. >> looks cute. >> takes you back to your childhood. still ahead on eyewitness news. frantic search under way. north carolina police make a new arrest. morelearning his fate. a man is convicted in the rape and murder of an arkansas anchor woman. dryer then sunny weekend. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. first, here's today's report from wall street.
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and we're continuing to get blasted by this storm here in ocean city. i'm going to send it inside to bob turk with the latest on these conditions. bob. >> thanks, jess. down there right now, they're not seeing any rain. a little light rain has moved in from the northwest as you can see. from the city on north and west, there's a little light rain and drizzle. probably until 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. let's take a look at tomorrow's
5:45 pm
forecast. some improvement. mid- to upper 50s. maybe 60 by evening. i think we'll see some -- maybe even see a little sunshine coming up late in the afternoon. tim in the outback with a look at your five-day forecast. bob has mentioned, there's going to be improvement. you talked about tomorrow, let's talk about sunday. the day that if you're looking for outside plans and nice weather, 68 degrees. that's it for sunday. 62 monday. 59 and 61 tuesday and wednesday. overnight lows in the mid-40s to mid-30s. let's talk about your bge energy saver of the day. we're looking at power-saving tips with your plasma tv. if you plan on using your plasma for this sunday's football games, think about the fact that energy savers say unplug it if you want to save money. a plasma tv left plugged in adds an extra $160 a year. many come with a power-saving mode. try activating that.
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to be an energy saver, go to our website and click on energy savers. justice has been served for a murder immediate arkansas news anchor. prosecutors used dna evidence to link the suspect to the crime. jurors found him guilty of raping and murdering anne pressly. the same jury will decide if he should pay with his own life or be sentenced to life without parole. a man in custod, mario andret mcneill, surveillance video caught him carrying little shania. she has been missing since tuesday and is now the focus of a nationwide amber alert. amazing discovery. there is water on the moon.
5:47 pm
astronauts intentionally crashed the rocket. data from the crash revealed 25 gallons of water. in tonight's wjz healthwatch, with about 3900 deaths in the u.s. from swine flu, including 500 children, prevention is better than ever. healthwatch reporter kellye lynn reports that taking one step could go a long way to protect protecting you. >> it sounds so simple. but washing your hands is basic to controlling the spread of the flu. >> reporter: from the young -- >> plenty of soap. >> reporter: to the old. >> it's very important that you cover awful of the surface of your hands, your fingernails, and even sometimes a little up your forearms as well. >> reporter: there's a renewed focus on hand washing. >> we're wiping everything down with the sanitizers. and just really making sure that we watch them when they
5:48 pm
wash their hands. >> reporter: at lapetite, hand hygiene is a priority. children are taught to wash their hands thoroughly and turn off the faucet with a paper towel. >> why is it important to wash our hands? >> because you could spread germs if you don't do it. [ siren ] >> reporter: mean while, hospitals in maryland are pushing the same message. it's the hospital, a banner. inside, posters emphasize the point. >> not only patients coming to the hospital. but visitors to the patients, patients who are coming to the outpatient side to see us physicians and all healthcare workers. >> reporter: john somar urges marylanders to wash with soap and warm, not hot water. most importantly, take your time. 15 to 20 seconds. >> for kids, they often suggest that you sing row, row, row your boat, one or two times to yourself to get the timing right. >> row, row, row your boat,
5:49 pm
gently down the stream. merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream ♪ >> alcohol-based gels is the next best thing to soap and water. and expert says don't bother with anti-bacterial soaps, which are no more effective than regular soap. >> anti-bacterial soaps can actually make germs more resistant. >> denise is standing by with a preview. one step closer. a new support for a slots casino near arundel mills ball. who -- mall. who is supporting the bid? there is national recognition for the president of this campus. i'll tell you what that is coming up next. check in for these stories and all the breaking news. a dieter's worst nightmare. look at this huge moon pie. this was made for a shop in chattanooga, tennessee, the birth place of the moon pie.
5:50 pm
kai, did you know that? >> i did not. >> this 40-pound section of chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallow took only 40 minutes to construct. a pie-cutting ceremony will take place this saturday. >> man, that looks incredible. you know why? >> why. >> i can't stand moon pies. they taste disgusting. i don't like them. >> you don't like marshmallows. >> i don't like marshmallows. >> bryant doesn't either we digress. this is mark viviano. the ravens are hard at work in the rain in owings mills. i'll have the latest from the team as they get ready at cleveland. and the ravens' foe has a heavy fine. i'll have details when eyewitness news continues.
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i think i'm going to did through withdrawal on sunday. you know why? >> because the game is monday. >> because the game is monday. right. [ laughter ] >> it is a return trip to ohio for the ravens. it's a monday night date that awaits in cleveland after a rough day in cincinnati last week. well, that cinci loss has the ravens hard at work to improve
5:54 pm
in all areas, especially on offense. working out in the rain in owings mills today. maybe the downpour will wash away all that ailed the ravens in the worst offense of the year. the players assess where the offensive performance stands right now. >> physically, you know, we go out there. and we match with anybody. mentally, you know, there are some things that you know, we could do better. and we understand that. in the first half. so we won't put ourselves in a position that we have been in, you know, the last, you know, three games. really four. if you look at the denver game, too. it was still a slow start. >> it doesn't worry me. but i know at the end of the day, you can always point back to a fundamental error. in every game that we've lost or anybody lost, we can go back and point at a fundamental technique that is, you know, somebody did this right. or we did this right. or collectively, it was on the same page. you know, the outcome could
5:55 pm
have been different. >> offensive coordinator chad cameron said the emphasis is on the ranks' ability to convert third down. noting that they were able to greatly improve on defense. ravens are heavy defense. see the game here on wjz. our coverage comes your way at 8:00. other news. chad ocho cinco pays big time. he -- he flashed a bill at them while they were making their decision. he said he was just trying to be funny. the league didn't find it funny. they fined him $20,000. >> jay cutler found out he has been fined $20,000 for abuse toward an official. chance to win on the final play. but he threw his fifth interception of the game.
5:56 pm
and the 49ers wrap up a 10-6 victory in the thursday night game that was last night. college basketball, all around the area tonight. we'll hear from the terps coming up tomorrow night at 6:00. good news for chad. he only had to kick out $19,000 more. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. i'm jessica kartalija. here in ocean city. we have the very latest on the weather and the storm, blowing through here, coming up.
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5:59 pm
coming up now on eyewitness news at 6:00. >> i'll jessica kartalija. the winds here are so strong, i'm having to hold on so i don't fall over. >> possibly the most damaging evidence yet presented in mayor dixon's trial. a 911 call veals -- reveals a desperate plea for help. >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking use. -- news. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now.


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